A Mellow Extinction

by The Phonies

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Each and every time I get around to making a musical project, it serves as a perfect snapshot of my mental state at the time. Dreams of the Divine Machine wrote itself around the dreary, hazy and the abstract. Your Body Along the Shore was an attempt at reaching some sort of tranquility in the face of the systems that wanted to change me. So how does my first full length, A Mellow Extinction, paint me? Well, confused mostly and extremely hypocritical. This comes at possibly the lowest point in my life, where the feeling the worthlessness constantly weighs on my psyche. The only solution is to leave this earth quickly and quietly. But these depressive thoughts helped inspire my longest, most aggressive and at some points the most joyous project yet.

The Phonies is an introverted musical project, The songs are made in dead silence, alone, usually at 3am after a sleepiness night. However A Mellow Extinction features a collection of various 'pop' inspired tracks as well as many moody electronic numbers. The first half takes inspiration from genres like krautrock, jazz, funk and rock n' roll. Yet the songs have been mutated into bizarre and violent creations. The second half dives back into the cold detached electronics I have done in the past in the with a slight romantic composition flavor. Both sides together form a personal story about death and loving life.

As always download and listening are free. Download includes the three cover variants and lyrics.

Featured on Devin Cooper Bandcamp Grab Bag: grabgbag.blogspot.com/2016/06/week-007-060616.html


released June 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Phonies Colorado

Electronic/industrial project currently consisting of one phony, Erik Sheader-Smith

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Track Name: A Special Little Void
This paradise has gotten lonely
that was good
so I created you and you and you
A new cast of characters to write this story
tone it down a bit
Maybe we could do it differently
what do you have in mind
Maybe a different end, one that doesn't end with an exit
something better
I don't know let me figure it out
Something like …
Whatever, just play it out
are you sure?
yeah just keep it going
Track Name: Ache
Never talk louder than a whisper, someone might be listening
Got this ache that I just can't shake, that I don't see the real you
I don't see much
The sum of these projections don't mean much
feel that if I stop fighting the song will write itself

Here is a dream for the dreamless,
a universe a finer shade of blue maybe purple,
and our hero discovers the true meaning of being human

In fact I never talk at all, afraid that I will make a connection,
with someone somewhere
I thought hard work would fix this confused mess
yet now all I can do is sing this song of death
but hey sometimes it makes smile
go ahead let the song destroy itself

I'm just a sad machine who just wants love, and to maybe fuck and to kill

and I thought about this awhile, I should aim for a rock star's end
oh yeah, so I could change pointless sonata into a meaningful gimmick
if only I had the confidence to sing it
oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah

but it is so much easier to be quiet
got to find the easy was out
but I ask myself
if you wanted a simple exit, why are you making so much noise
and I ask myself
if you wanted a mellow extinction, why are you making so much noise
I'm not sure
Track Name: Dialogue
And now I'm alone again
arranging noises in my head
yet somehow these notes, they keep me closer to earth
and now I'm alone

but not quite alone
a constant dialogue in my head
it keeps me closer to earth
but now these voices have left me in silence

Rehearsing the dialogue so one day I can tell you
I'm ok
I've completely lost it
that I love you
and I want you to forget about me

And even after years of lonely nights
the rehearsed dialogue never comes out right
I force myself to be alone
try to stay close to earth
Track Name: Several Days Awake
Guess I will stay awake
it is just another night
but why is the day always over
nothing left now but to worry about tomorrow
how easy it would be
to pass this sorrow
but no, I will just stay awake
I will just stay awake
and one day fade away
Track Name: 10 Years Asleep
good morning starshine

I will just stay awake
I will just stay awake
I will just stay awake

good morning starshine

what a beautiful sunrise
wish I was here to see it